Keeping up with Friends in College/Update

So, it’s been a while, I know. No I did not forget about my precious little blog, but between trying to move my entire life out of my house, finding a job, having at least four of my friends birthdays this month, and trying to get my entire life together it has been a little crazy. But it is a new month, a new chapter, a new time, and so I will just continue on with my blogging plans. Maybe starting out with a strict schedule wasn’t the best for me, because I sometimes can be a mess of a person, and it is hard to find a good medium between being too loose about a posting schedule, and also too strict. I guess I will just figure it out as I go…

So keeping up with friends you made in high school while in college. I did only just finish my freshman year, but I have already had to deal with this A LOT. With some of my friends living all over the country, it is hard to stay truly up to date with them and their lives. I will say, as much as I hate it sometimes, that current social media is SUCH a good way to do it. Honestly I have Snapchat to thank for keeping up with some people I would have lost touch with otherwise. Even just keeping a streak, texting now and then, commenting on Instagram posts, whatever you prefer can keep you up to date with those people’s lives. The smartphone really is magic when it comes to staying in touch with those people who matter the most, I honestly do not know how people did it before technology. Making time to text someone when you are thinking about them, or when you have more time calling or FaceTiming them can change their days, and strengthen your relationship with them in the long run. Sometimes I’ll just be driving in my car going to get coffee or something and just think “Oh, I have time, I should call this person” or “Oh, this person loves coffee, I should text them!”. If you don’t make time or effort for them, then staying friends might not be a priority to you. One of the most important things is that it has to be a two way effort, because you can make SO MUCH time and effort for someone, but who says they’ll do the same for you? If they aren’t putting in as much as you are, it is sad to say that you should let them go. Losing friends is incorporated with growing up, so if you aren’t prepared to do that when someone isn’t treating you the way they should be, you’ll stay in the same spot until you let them go. Over the week of May 6-12, me and one of my closest friends, Wesley, went to visit my friend Marina for her 20th birthday. It was supposed to be the three of us plus our other two friends Erin and Jordan, but they gave sorry excuses to not meet us there so we were dissapointed, but we realized if they weren’t gonna put in the effort then they didn’t deserve our friendship. Well, on Marina’s birthday we were on the beach and spontaneously Jordan and Erin showed up to surprise Marina, and it turned out to be one of the coolest things I’ve witnessed when it comes to our friendship. Just the fact that they made the effort to plan out the surprise and drive over 5 hours with no one knowing to surprise us showed how much they truly do care. The best friendships are the ones that keep spontaneity throughout the friendship no matter how long it’s been, or how old you are. While me, Marina, and Wesley were feeling very guilty for getting angry with them earlier, we were extremely blessed that they were able to make it, and we ended up having a nice sushi dinner and exploring Charleston all the next day (pictures included). Those are the friendships you should keep up with. If you don’t continuously go out of your way for one another to make each other happy, it’s not worth it. It has to be a two-way thing, because a 60/40 friendship is not a lasting one. Just a little life lesson for ya! Well, hope you all enjoyed this probably life changing blog (you’re welcome), and please comment, like, and follow if you did enjoy!!<3 Until Next Time…

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