And so, it begins

Well, I have finally started what will hopefully become an experience of growth in my life. After some courage and a strong vodka soda, I have decided to start my own blog. Ever since I was young, writing has been a passion of mine. From hearing about the stories my dad used to write when he was younger, to successfully completing multiple journals of my own since the 7th grade, making a lifestyle blog became inevitable for me to do. I am a beginner at this so please excuse my writing if it is not as developed as some of you have seen before. My plan for this blog is basically to treat it as an online journal, not exposing as much as I would in my actual journal, but still using real life experiences I have gone through to guide my readers and myself along the way, while also putting a witty/humorous spin on it. I have just completed my freshman year of college, and when I say it has been the craziest year of my life, I MEAN it has been the CRAZIEST year of my life. From new experiences and new friends, to TONS of friend/romantic drama, and maybe even a little bit of alcoholism, I am spilling it all right here. Hopefully none of them find this… While on my summer vacation I plan to make some money, better myself for the year coming, and really focus on my writing. If you happen to be a graduating senior in high school reading this, 1. Congratulations! 2. I promise you that you are not ready for this road ahead, it’s ok neither was I, but hear me when I say REALLY READ THIS! Cause like I said, I’m spilling it all here. It is wild. This is more of a short entry because it is my very first one, but stay tuned for many more in-depth pieces, because they are indeed coming. I hope to post every Thursday over this summer, but that might change once I get a job and figure out that schedule. Before I sign off, I want to explain the title of my blog a little bit. Whenever I first started writing a journal, I always ended every entry with “Until next time…”. It became a little tradition for myself, so I always said if I ever wrote a book, that’s what it would be called. It kind of pulls a sense of suspense or mystery I guess, but it is always something I’ve just done. So here I am, creating my first blog, with the name that has always stuck with me. And with that, I will keep the tradition going. So, until next time…

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